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Glory - Silvertip 24mm (Display Stand Not Included)

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GLORY - Silvertip 24mm {Patent Pending}
(Display stand sold seperately) 

Whom Shall I Fear.

Fearless. Unwavering and confident we stand together, one nation under God.  Whom shall we fear? Beyond terrorizing threats and blind hatred, we as a nation will persevere.   The American Spirit is resilient, determined, courageous and steadfast in our convictions.  We are bold.  Brave enough to speak, to be the voice for those who have no voice.   Never to be overcome by those wishing to conquer and destroy.  Fear is the most deceptive and toxic enemy, the most dangerous deception.  We will not be bewitched, not overcome. Glory.

Six Shooter Shaving Company:

Our attention to every detail is shown throughout every Six Shooter Shave Brush we manufacture. We pride our company on exceptional quality. Every Six Shooter Shave Brush is hand crafted in the USA. You will notice that we have tried to stay true to the “six shooter” even down to the authentic looking shell casings we use. Your morning shave will never be the same when you reach for your “Six Shooter”.

Each Set Contains:

  • Revolver Body – hand crafted from a solid piece of high grade anodized aluminum.
  • Removable Shave Brush – great for cleaning or replacement brush.. 
  • Silvertip Badger 24mm Brush – lush feeling on your face every morning.
  • Authentic Looking Casings - .44 Mag bullet casings.
  • Laser Engraved - Six Shooter Logo.
The Six Shooter Shave Brush is excellent for:  Law Enforcemnt Gifts, Military Gifts, Military Retirement Gifts, and even a unique groomsmen gift.  Your special man will love this product!
30 Day Warranty on the Badger bristles. Items may not be returned if used. Please refer to the returns section.

Glory - Silvertip 24mm (Display Stand Not Included) Reviews

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Glory Silvertip

Posted by Philip on 29th May 2013

This is the most "fun" brush I have now :) I will enjoy breaking it in and looking forward to positive review.

Philip Tong - Hawaii