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Shave Brush Gift Set .38 6.S.S. & Rifle Razor M16-M3

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6.S.S. Gift Set - .38 6.S.S & M16-M3
Silver Finish
{Patent Pending}

Finally, the perfect gift for any Man.  We have combined our .38 revolver brush and the M16-M3. razor into an amazing gift set.  

What do you get a man that has everything?  Now you know.


Each Gift Set Contains:

  • Revolver Body .38 – hand crafted from a solid piece of high grade anodized aluminum.
  • 2 oz. Classic Shaving Cream - Lime.
  • Finest Badger 20mm Brush – lush feeling on your face every morning.
  • Authentic Looking Casings - .38 Caliber - 6.S.S. 
  • Laser Engraved - Six Shooter Logo 
  • AR-M3 Accepts Mach3 Blades 
  • Paulownia Box – natural finish wood box.

2nd Amendment Strong!

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Amendment II, United States Constitution, 1791. The American way: the right to preserve our freedom and defend against any threat to our independence.  To bear Arms, more than just a right to artillery but a symbol of autonomy, a symbol of the American spirit.  The right to own weapons is the right to be uncompromisingly free.  The 6.S.S. is to be 2nd Amendment Strong.  Not passive.  Not complacent.  It is a solid unwavering leader of conviction.

Our attention to every detail is shown throughout every Six Shooter Shave Brush we manufacture. We pride our company on exceptional quality. Every Six Shooter Shave Brush is hand crafted in the USA. You will notice that we have tried to stay true to the “six shooter” even down to the authentic looking shell casings we use. Your morning shave will never be the same when you reach for your “Six Shooter”.

The Six Shooter Shave Brush is excellent for:  Law Enforcement Gifts, Military Gifts, Military Retirement Gifts, and even a unique groomsmen gift.  Your special man will love this product!
30 Day Warranty on the Badger bristles. Items may not be returned if used. Please refer to the returns section.

Shave Brush Gift Set .38 6.S.S. & Rifle Razor M16-M3 Reviews

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