Six Shooter Shaving Guide

1.  Wet the bristles of the Six Shooter brush in hot water before you start to shave. Shake excess water from your Brush.  You only need to make the brush absorb enough water to react with your Six Shooter shaving cream.

2.  Use hot water to soak your face in order to moisturize your skin and your facial hair. The best time to shave is right after you've stepped out of the bath or shower.
3.  Allow the brush to drain and shake it free of excess water.
4.  Apply Six Shooter Shaving cream to the top of the bristles. The size of a dime is the perfect amount. 
5.  Move the shaving brush in an up-and-down pattern throughout your beard, working up a lather in the process. The bristles of the brush should gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells. Ensure that the lather is evenly applied and thick enough to completely obscure the skin beneath.
6.  Shave with your favorite razor.
7.  When finished shaving, completely rinse your brush of all shaving cream.  Shake the brush out of all excess water.
8.  Store on your Six Shooter Stand to allow water to drain away from revolver handle. This will ensure a long lasting Badger brush.


Prevent bristle loss. While some loss in bristles is normal, it should not be excessive. Clean the brush thoroughly after every use. Shake the brush after use so that there is no dripping water and the bristles are only slightly damp.

Air drying is the best way to preserve a brush. Avoid storing your brush when it's damp. If you must pack your brush for travel or other purposes, allow sufficient drying time beforehand or limit the amount of time that your brush is in a confined space. It is not a good idea to store your brush in a shower or similar location.

Types of Badger

  • Pure badger, or dark badger (standard) - the hair used here is derived from the stomach, shoulders, neck, and buttocks of the badger.This hair is usually very dark and it is coarser than other types of badger brush. Brushes made from this hair tend to be machine assembled, and they are the most affordable version of the badger shaving brush range.
  • Gray badger, standard, pure - this hair is taken from the tail and back of the badger.It is lighter, almost gray. Again, this version tends to be machine assembled.
  • Premium badger, finest, tapered, or best badger - this hair is taken from the back of the badger and the color band varies from light, to dark band, to light again. The tips of the hairs are thinner than the base and this makes them soft. This version is usually assembled by hand and is expensive. It is thought to be best for light beards.
  • Silver tips/silver-tip badger, sometimes referred to as "super", (although that can mean it is slightly inferior to the silver-tip) - this type of brush uses only neck hair that lightens during winter, making it very expensive.It is white, with a small dark band. It is very soft and is suitable for men with skin conditions.