Why Classic Brush Shaving?

On 21st Jan 2013

Our great-grandfathers really had it right.  When they shaved they applied think, warm lather to their faces and then used a sharp razor to gently remove their beards.  The result was an exceptionally close shave, without skin irritation or ingrown hairs.

 Nearly a century later, with the advent of "modern convenience," we have come to accept "foam in a can" as an acceptable substitute.  The result is an inferior shave and skin irritation.

 There is simply no substiute for a shaving brush and warm lather.  The brush lifts the beard and exfoliates; the lather reduces the friction between the blade and the skin.

 Now we can have the same experience of our great-grandfathers - a close comfortable shave which we will anticipate instead of dread.

Joe H.  - Brookfield, WI